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Domestic Carport Solutions

Capital Steel Buildings have an extensive range of domestic steel carport solutions providing functionality with style and versatility.

The CSB domestic carport range encompasses flat, gable, dutch, hip and curved roof structures.

CSB carports are available in both standard kit sizes, which are ideal for DIY builders, or CSB can design a carport to suit customer requirements. Both attached and free standing structures can be supplied.

Each CSB carport is supplied site specific and is fully engineered to meet all the mandatory building codes and council regulations. All the necessary documentation for council submission is supplied with every structure and CSB can even prepare and submit the council application if requested.

Fully licensed builders are available and all other contracting services can be arranged for options such as concrete, electrical, plumbing if required.

CSB only supply Australian made steel products produced using Bluescope Steel products. All structures are avaiable in both Colorbond and Zincalume steel which are trademarks of Bluecsope Steel.

All CSB structures are supplied with a full manufacturer's warranty up to 15 years.

Domestic Carport Specifications

Span 3m - 7.5m wide
Length Infinate length in bay widths up to 5.4m wide
Height Max height o 3m
Pitch Flat, 10, 15, 20
Terrian Category 2 - highly exposed to the elements

3 - sheilded from the elements
Wind Region A, B and C
Usage Importance level 2
Steel Grade Minimum Z350 coating
Screw Grade Minimum Class 3 fastners
Bolt Grade Minimum 4.6 zinc plated


Domestic Carport Options

Roof Pitch CSB offer both flat and gable roofs up to 22.5 degrees.
Roof Type CSB can supply carports with flat, gable, dutch or hip roofs.
Skylights Both polycarboante and fibreglass skylights are avaiable in a large variety of colours. These are fantastic for letting in natural light.
Infills Bays can be filled in with, cladding, lattice or polycarbonate to reduce noise, wind or rain from entering.
Insulation Foil insulation can be installed to reduce the effects of heat.
Eaves Front, back and side eaves are available if requested.
Decorative Finishes CSB have a large variety of decorative add-ons to enhance the finish of carports.
Fixing Carports can be either free standing or attached to existing structures.


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